Becoming a Singaporean police inspector


Yesterday, Martin visited the annual Career Fair at NTU – a perfect spot for freshly graduated folks looking for a job. (Like anybody else?) Martin was not really focused on finding a new employer. Instead he came for grabbing some of these gadgets, everybody seemed to be interested in. Yeah, I am talking about freebies such as multi-color pens, calenders, organizers, soft-balls, sweets, bags, and electric fans equipped with fancy LEDs. In short, all those things you usually wouldn’t bother to spend money on (since you already own masses of them obtained at previous fairs). And when Martin eventually left the fair, he was loaded with three bags full of knick-knack. But this is another story.

What I was really going to talk about today are the employers presenting themselves at the fair. And there are plenty of them: oil refiners, semiconductor device manufacturer, financial services (banking institutions, investment brokers), research and development departments of semiconductor and new media technology companies, and even the Singaporean military and police. Apparently, they actually do have jobs here – as opposed to some major cities back home in (Eastern) Germany, where we are still encountering a massive lack of jobs (with unemployment figures of up to 19% depending on the region).

One interesting thing worth mentioning is the booth of the Singaporean police, who was aiming for hiring new corporals, sergeants, and inspectors. They even provided a poster with a fairly detailed overview of gross salaries that new candidates can expect. To my surprise the salaries turned out to be not as generous as I expected (see first photo). Another poster gave an overview of the minimal requirements of potential applicants. Besides the educational demands (pass degree in any discipline from a recognized university), the physical requirements (weight and height) are quite low compared to Northern European standards (see second photo). Of course, this does not come totally unexpected, but I think it’s still interesting to have the real figures.

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