Cultural Differences

Research in understanding and contrasting Chinese/Asian culture vs. Western culture. These icons were designed by Liu Young who was born in China and educated in Germany.

BLUE => Westerner RED => Asian/Chinese
Trendy/ Im TrendWhat's trendy?

Opinion/ Meinungopinion

Anger/ Ärgeranger

The boss/ Chefthe boss

The child/ Das Kindthe child

Contacts/ Kontaktecontacts

Elderly in day to day life/ Senioren im Alltagelderly in day to day life

Three meals a day/ Drei Mahlzeitenthree meals a day

Moods and weather/ Laune und Wettermoods and weather


Handling of problems/ Umgang mit Problemenhandling of problems


Queue when waiting/ Warteschlangeque when waiting

In the restaurant/ Im Restaurantin the restaurant

Sundays on the road/ Sonntags auf der Straßesundays on the road

Transportation/ Transport (1970 vs. 2006)transportation

Travelling/ Reisentravelling

Way of life/ Lebensstiltravelling

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  1. Mutter February 22nd, 2008 8:32 pm

    Wonderful concise and intelligible – auch ohne Englischkenntnisse!